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About Matt Von

Toronto-based Canadian singer-songwriter, Matt Von quickly became a name often on the lips within the Toronto community ever since garnering attention with his collaborative brother/sister project, Sarah Jordan and Matt Von.


From a young age, Matt Von was surrounded by the love of music. Both his older sisters studied music, playing multiple instruments, and singing around the house; inspiring Matt to begin studying the acoustic guitar at 8 years old. Quickly excelling in his studies and blossoming into a musician in no time, Matt quickly developed into playing multiple styles of music, ranging from classical guitar to electric guitar, as well as performing at many competitions, festivals, and local performances in the Toronto area before turning towards songwriting and composing his own songs. Throughout his studies, Matt’s sister Sarah was a guiding figure and mentor to nurturing his passion and craft. Even before formally performing together, Matt and Sarah would write together, playfully blending genres and styles together with their music that piqued the interest of many in the Toronto music industry. In 2018, their fated meeting with veteran manager, Tina Cole, pushed their decision to officially announce their collaborative duo and released the singles “Great Escape”, “L.O.V.E”, and “Watch Me”, as well as performing at multiple festivals including Taste of Little Italy on College Street, Mississauga ItalFest, Markham Streetfest, Taste of the 6ix Showcase, and many more.


It wasn’t until 2020 where Matt Von decided to go solo, as throughout his university years at York University he discovered a newfound love and appreciation for the variety of musical styles that are found within the guitar and captivated by the organic rawness of the instrument. Blending his pop/acoustic singer-songwriter background with little hints of country and gospel, Matt Von honed himself with a unique sound and artistry, compelling listeners to go on an aural journey with his music. Even though going solo as an artist, Matt still collaborates with his sister, who is his main writing partner. Together, the pen thoughtful lyricism seldom found today, perfectly complimenting Matt’s own raw instrumentation and vocals, which can be heard in the release of his debut single “Crazy.”


Matt’s follow-up release, “Help With Something”, will be releasing on April 23rd, 2021, further propelling Matt’s artistry to new heights with a lyrically poignant story between that special relationship you have with family. A bond that is undeniable and unwavering, where the support of your loved ones is what lifts you up at your lowest. The song builds up to a chorus where all the emotional weight of the melodies and harmonies is where Matt Von is quickly being recognized for as an recording artist.


Follow Matt Von on all platforms to stay tuned with his upcoming releases in 2021 and beyond.

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Help with Something - Matt Von

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